The new me…

Today 1 of my daughters told me that they would teach me how to dance. I said “Why?”. She said “because you don’t know how.”. Yall…. I DO know how to dance. And I dance very well. I took dance for 5 years and was on the team at school. I was so offended for a moment. But after I got over that I was mad at myself. When did I stop dancing?  Why did I stop dancing? Who had I become and when did I become this person? In the back of my head I already knew all the answers. I had become a mom. Being a mom ment that I had become something else. Or someone else. I was no longer the award winning pageant queen but instead had traded in the crown and all the titles to be Juels’ Mom. I was no longer a successful event coordinator. I was THE person you called for an EPIC event. No more would I be at the beckon call of bridzillaz for I had was now the mom to Honesty. And no longer would I be the dancer. No longer would I rock the dance floor. No longer would I punish anyone who challenged me to a dance off. Nope. Now I was the mom of Lily Mae. Why is it when have kids we loose a piece or pieces of ourselves?  Well no more… not me…. no way!!!! I’m done. Look out YouTube!  I am going to teach these kids a thing or two. I am on a journey to piece myself back together and it starts here. This blog was step 1. Now it’s time to reach beyond the screen and impact the rest of my life. 


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