The Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!!!!!

WOW. We are honored to be nominated. Thank you to Corina Bumstead of Corina Time for the nomination. The Sunshine Blogger award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. The award is for bloggers who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers.


What made you become a blogger?

I had a lot to say. I feel like the world has become so divided and unhappy. I feel like we all needed a little more encouragement and less discouragement. I want to be the voice that united the world and makes it a better place. and along the way share my stories about my special family and our traveling adventures.

Where do you see your website in 1 year from now?

I see happiness. I hope that I can touch the saddest people and make them smile and I hope that people look to my blog as a safe space to see joy and be inspired to be a little adventures.

If you could go on vacation wherever you want, where would you go?

Mackinac island, Michigan. I have always wanted to cross the bridge and stay in a place preserved in time. To leave the hustle and bustle of traffic and loud city life and to stay at The Grand Hotel. To stay at the hotel would be a dream come true. To stand in the foyer and marvel at the timeless beauty. To be still and feel like a part of Victorian history. OH… to walk amongst the halls where some of the most elegant people in history have walked. And for just a moment to feel like a queen… not a princess… a queen.

What do you do, to get inspired for another blog post?

I pray. I read. I play with my kids. I have a play list just for “Blog Inspiration”.  I like to talk to random strangers and ask them funny questions. I once asked a hotel maid what was the craziest thing she has ever come across. She spoke to me for an hour and we laughed the whole time. Then she told me about the struggles of her family and we prayed. Connecting with people is my inspiration because that’s what this whole blog is about. Inspiring others.

What is one thing you are planning to do this month?

This month I have quite a few goals. I always plan monthly goals for myself and my family.  I am going to finish decorating my bed room in my camper. I am going to start my lesson plans for my kids. I am the Road School Rookie and we home school and we are proud of it. I am going to make more of a conscious effort to keep up with the laundry. I am going to make a “blog schedule”. I want my blog to reflect my life not consume it. we are building my mom a house and I am hoping to get to the latter part of that 2 year project.

What do you love to do besides writing?

Travel of course. I love to hit the open road and visit a new place. See new things. Meet new people. Eat new food. I want to see this whole place! I want to touch each ocean. I want to have sand from each coast. I want to ski, surf, skate, hike, bike, paddle, and navigate thru this great american dream we call home. And I want to blessed enough to take my kids in tow and my soul mate at my side.

What makes you unique?

I had a rough childhood but I never let that hold me back. I choose joy. I choose to let my past be my history and nothing more. My hardships have made me strong and I am thankful for that. I am not a victim. I am a champion. and I WILL make my life something that I love and not let it be dominated by the darkness of my past.
What is your passions?

I am very passionate about woman’s ministries. Woman hold  a special place in this day and age. I want woman to know what they are worth. We do that in woman’s ministries. We empower woman to be everything they are to the fullest extent.
What is your favorite “feel good song”?

Beautiful Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli

Even though I have been in so many rain clouds and storms God reached down and saved me and gave me this beautiful beautiful life. I am going to do the most with it that I can.
If you would ever do something crazy what would it be?

Get on stage with a famous singer and take the mic and sing their song like I’m the boss who wrote that!!!
What was your last Blog post about?

My home town of Houston TX. My husband is working in Sugarland so we were in the area. I want to be a travel blogger so I took this opportunity to write my first travel review.

I nominate:

1.Corina Bumstead                                                                                    2. Shalini Menezes
3. Sarah Elizabeth
4. Misao Chang
5. Miriam Cheety
6. Hayley Beth Malsom
7. Shawn Bethea
8. Kitty Taffe
9. Cathy Anne Haumann Https://
10. Anita Farkas
11.  Tolu L’queen Oluwaseyi-Daniel

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions your nominating blogger asked you.
3. Nominate other blogs and give them 11 questions to answer.
4. Notify your nominees.
5. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post. ️



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