The Heart Needs The Rib

And the Lord put Adam in a deep sleep and took a rib. From his rib he created his  partner. From his rib. Not from his toe so he is above her. Not from his head to be atop him. But from his rib to be beside her. From under his arm so he can protect her. Not to use the fist in anger, but to use in the presence of the enemy as to guard her. Not close to his heart to wound it but to care for it. some where along the way being a man and being a woman have become a competition.  If it were a competition that would imply that 1 was greater than the other and that in the end there were a winner. Women were created to be everything a man wasn’t. And man kind needed that help mate.    Born from a rib. Close to the heart for everything you are flows from it. To be nearest to the source of life. Woman are the reason for life. But the source of life is the love of a man’s heart and a woman combined. Their a team. The rib can’t live with out the heart and the heart can’t live with out the rib. The rib endures all so the heart can live on healthy and in peace because the heart beats on and on so the rib will not parish. The rib and the heart can’t live with out each other. Nor are they competition.  They are the first example of marriage. If your rib is rupturing your heart then don’t marry it. If your heart is breaking your rib don’t commit your life to it. A heart and a rib need to compliment each other. Not break each other. Nor set out to out due nor to defeat each other. The rib and the heart need each other.



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