Hiking under belt way 8

Today we took a hike by our camp ground. I had a few concerns about hiking in down town. But you can’t let fear hold you back. If you die on adventure it’s ok. You died with your heart full of joy and none of us are getting out of here alive anyways. Anywho…. to hike in Houston is very complex. To your left you will see a serine bayou with cranes diving and butterflies whipping in the wind and to your right you will find graffiti art on the bridge. Houston really is a melting pot. Some how all these personalities mesh together and make this city something special. Along the way all these personalities created something. Houston has something for everyone. And everyone is welcome. The art scene is hot and full of imagination. The music scene is on point. There is beat to every foot step and background. And it’s not even about your background. The music here speaks to who you are not just where your from. And the culture… the culture is what makes this city everything that it is. You can visit an African food market, American gourmet shop, and a Chinese restaurant all in the same strip mall. I would have to say our favorite thing is how welcoming the himeschool community is. Its a movement in this area. Our people are not looked at as pour because we live in a camper but embraced as the adventurers we are. We are not shunned for the decision to educate our children ourselves but invited to clubs and social events and classes to bond with other homeschooling families. We love Houston and the skyscraper jungle that it is and the melting pot it has become. 



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  1. Alicia Davidson August 5, 2017 — 3:33 pm

    “none of us are getting out of here alive anyways” ­čśé­čśé <– one of my hubby's favorite sayings! He too was a pipefitter for about 20 years and went on to get his CWI and has been working pipeline since 2013. He traveled before that too..but wouldn't stay gone as long. Now that our older 2 have graduated..and the public school system was not a good match for our youngest..the last 2 1/2 years we have been on the road with him.
    I live/grew up just south of Houston so I totally know what you mean about the melting pot! I'm so glad you see the beauty behind our city! And I have been in parking garages that I thought were going to EAT my truck!! ­čśú


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