What Would You Give Up?

We are a road school family. We home school while we travel. My husband is a pipefitter and we follow him where ever he may go. Soon we will be full-time Rv living. At this point we are in our camper for 200ish days of the year. But we have most of our stuff at our house. So now the time has come for the big decisions to be made. What do we keep? What do we sell? What do we donate? We can’t sacrifice space in the camper for unnecessary crap. But what is “unnecessary”? I personally am a self proclaimed shoe diva. I have about 30 pair. Do I give up my Jordans and Sperrys to make space for my scuba gear? Do I get rid of the dressers to make room for the kayak? What am I sacrificing and why? Why is it so hard to give up stuff? Am I selfish? Am I shallow? Have I become so self involved that I can’t give up my Justins to make room for a life of adventure? Is this the way the Lord would want my heart to be? Do my actions reflect Gods ways? Luke 18:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. The choise for adventure is easy. I CHOOSE ADVENTURE. I choose to wake up on a sandy beach and a gorgeous sun rise. I choose to go to the tallest mountain and peak over the side. I choose adventure forever and always!!! But man… the shoes…. why must the shoes go!!!!! I know it’s just shoes and it’s just stuff and in 5 years it wouldn’t matter because I probably wouldn’t have them anymore any ways. Styles change and we grow and ajust and we get new things. But it is hard to choose. Going past the shoes, what do I do with the rest of our stuff? We have a whole life in a house. What about my kids toys? We have 4 daughters. What do I do with their “hand me downs” I have always taken so much pride in my “hand me down” system. I have the clothes organized by size and cross referenced by season. Do I just give up years of organization with just a whim and a trip to the thrift store? I don’t want to get a storage unit. I have been so sinacle about a storage unit in the past. I personally can’t understand taking stuff you don’t use nor want and just paying money to sit it somewhere. That’s another “why” I have. What about the babies keep sakes? What about my hobbies? Ya’ll… this is hard. I have a new respect for minimalist. SERIOUSLY!!!  I want the adventure. My choise is made. Now i just have to get real with my self and lead my family thru the next great adventure… GARAGE SALES!!! I want the exciting life and the limitless imagination to roam where ever I want. What would you give up? What could you live with out? Comments welcome.



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  1. Cool! Good for y’all. You’ll make so many memories. I wrote a post called “Let Homeschool Freedom Ring,” and I had families such as yours in mind.


  2. Alicia Davidson August 5, 2017 — 10:41 am

    We only have one kiddo that we are traveling with and are actually looking for a new camper (ours was totalled by our insurance on hubby’s last trip home from Ohio and high winds ripped the sides off!! 😳 ) So I keep telling him we need the midbunk with the loft up top but he says that’s ‘wasted space’…I’m looking at that going..No Way Mister!! That’s storage!! 😂


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