The Generation X Definition of Success

What is success?

At this point in my life I am 32 years old and a proud member of generation X. Here is our definition of success. Success can no longer be defined by ordinary dictionary words because success is no longer something you can see and touch. It has become a feeling. It’s something spiritual. Success is no longer defined by a certain dollar amount nor living status. Success is no longer defined by the label on your back nor the brand on your feet. Success is now something felt instead of bought. Success is no longer looked at by the eye but felt from the heart. I believe my generation has changed success into something so much more than what we live in and what we wear. My generation lives in campers on the beach and makes it a point to have their feet in each ocean. We no longer brag about who has a better car but instead brag about the killer waves we surfed. We would rather feed wild animals with our bear hands in the savannah than enter data in a cubical. We invented glamping and eliminated the standard office political policies. We unite in our food art instead of drown at an awkward dinner party as our mothers did. We have changed the way that happiness is received and shared. No longer do we strive for the corner office with a view in the inescapable city jungle but we wonder where the wind takes us with lap top in tow and our homeschooled kiddos in the back seats. Our generation understands that work is financial need but not a spiritual need and there for not what is the most important thing. Generation X understands that we get 1 chance on this earth and we are going to make it a good 1. As the most spiritually lead generation yet to date; we know and understand that we will 1 day stand before THE Lord God oh Mighty for our judgement. And when we do we will first and foremost thank him for the wild and exciting ride as we move onto the next great adventure…. with hiking boots.

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  1. thia is a great article. It was very well written I loved your definition of success. Thanks you for sharing this, very inspiring. – Corina

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  2. Your blog is looking good in this minimalist theme. Keep up the good writings.


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